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Stephen Alexander

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Oh my god, he's such a grown up little boy! I'm going to cry! He is so cute. :)
Such a cute little boy!
He's so grown up now!! Time flies... <3
Hey how are you? Will send you a letter soon just never seem to have a moment anymore! What u been upto? xx
Hello stranger! I used to be flyaway_03 but started up a new journal today as I couldn't remember the password for my old one and couldn't be bothered re-registering my old e-mail address to get it! I see you've had another baby! He's really cute as is wee Stev/ph(?)en. What else has been happening? I don't have much news, I'm just doing voluntary work at the moment but hope to get a job soon or maybe try a college course (maybe a different college). Anyway, please reply as it would be great to hear from you again. Take Care, Jillian x.
haha ofcourse i remember! Was thinking about you the other night!! How are things? Great to hear from you :)
Yeah had baby James in February. we are all doing well. Thats Stephen 2 and a half already. Starting potty trining this month - they joys lol.
Was mean't to be going back to college then found i was pregnant so postponed it till next year! My lifes boring but i love it just taken up with baby things (Nappies, teething, tantrums etc)xxxxx