<3 Leanne <3 (venusflaring) wrote,
<3 Leanne <3

Hey sorry i havn't been around for ages. Well Stephens chicken pox are healing up and guess what?????

We have a flat. Its only temp but yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its furnished :D Moved in a week ago! (If i write to any of you just keep posting letters to my parents address cos i don't know how long i'll be in the temp flat before i get a permanent house)

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Congrats! That's wonderful!
YAY! Congrats! I have most of your package ready but I need to get one more thing and then I'll send it. I'll let you know when that is. :)
Congrats! I've been wondering where you've been.
YAY that's awesome that you've got a place!!! ♥ I hope that it stays that way.

I'm glad that Stephen's doing better good to hear
Gald to hear he's getting better. Sorry for the lack of comments in a long time I don't check livejournal much anymore and I had to get rid of all the communities who were taking over my friends page so I can actually see peoples posts lol.
take care
I need your new address! I haven't been able to write to you in ages! =P Glad the littles ones pox are healing. We thought Asher had them just recently, but the doc said today that she thinks it was something else? hmmm... *hugs hugs hugs!*