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Hi there,
Me, Stephen and the boys are doing well! Im just taking everything one step at a time! James will be 6 months old on the 23rd of this month and Stephen will be 3 years old on the 18th os september!
Time really does fly by!

James is doing really, growing well and sleeping brilliantly! Such a happy little boy :) loves his big brother always giggling at everything cheeky wee stephen does lol. Likes to chew on everything! Going to start him on solids next week!

Stephen is doing well also but going through the terrible twos at the minute can't go through a day without a tantrum or him in tears for no reason. He has just moved up in nursery into the preschool class and is in the middle of potty training. so i think its a mixture of jealousy over James, moving into the big class and getting rid of nappies! Sometimes i forget he is only 2 years old and not 5. His speech is coming on great (getting a cheeky wee monkey tho), he can count to 10, knows shapes and colours. He loves playdoh (he loved that present Shelva thanks!! ), musical instruments, trains,. His fav programmes are - spiderman (He thinks he is spiderman HELP), scooby doo, in the night garden, thomas the tank, bob the builder and the backyardigans.

Me - bit confused about college and job aspect of life at the moment. Very unsure of what to do!

Bye for now xxxx
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