<3 Leanne <3 (venusflaring) wrote,
<3 Leanne <3


Well not updated in a long time, just decided to come in and check this account :)
Was reading through really old entried - oh gosh *cringe* lol.

Well things are great. The kids are getting was too big! Stephen is nearly 6 (Sept 18th) and will be going in to Primary 2 after the summer holidays. James is 3 and coming on really well :) I have just finished college after 2 years, was so stressful but that's me passed finished and now a fully qualified child development officer (nursery nurse) Will need to start looking for a job soon.

We moved house 3/4 months ago, much bigger and the boys have a room each :D

Well bye for now <3

ohhhh ive really missed my lj x
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